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March Madness: Day 8 | Had I Only Known…

March Madness: Day 8

Had I only known…

Have you ever been thrust into a situation and figured, what the heck? Well, that was kinda the way I began a 16 year SWAT assignment. They needed bodies to fill spaces, and since mine was fresh out of the basic training academy, I guess they figured I either was ready, or expendable.

It was a natural fit. The more chaotic, the more I thrived in managing it back to order. The irony was that SWAT led me into some of the most violent and vicious situations imaginable, but it also allowed me to meet some of the best cops ever crafted.

Every year I honor my start date (blue birthday,) each of the dates that I lost 7 friends in the line of duty, and now my retirement date. The start and stop dates are becoming less important as I get older, but the days that each of those amazing souls lost their lives become more important than the year before.

While life is much, more different than it was then, I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made along the way. I would’ve also invested more time with the people who mattered most. Had I only known.

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