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The Second Day

The Second Day…

Don’t miss the blessings of today as you recoup from the Good Friday activities and prepare for Easter Sunday’s service, egg hunts, lunches and family time.

Although the Bible doesn’t detail what the disciples did on the Second Day, be sure that there was a lot going on. It’s the same in our lives.

When what we thought was a sure thing gets nailed to the cross and we lurk into fear of failure on that Second Day. It in this wilderness of darkness that our faith can sustain us until the fulfilment comes to light.

What’s In Your Second Day?

Maybe it’s a job, a marriage, a friendship or finances that you saw die on the cross and now you’re in that Second Day of uncertainty.

Linger in this time with faith and wait as Jesus fulfills His promise. Today is much more than a gap day while waiting for Easter. It’s a day where truth faith is forged in the waiting.

Blessings & Honor,

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