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Want Relationships? Reflect Light

Reflecting Light

Finding myself with zero close friends, I began asking God why. I’d retired from a highly public career where there was no shortage of people surrounding me, yet in that season I was horribly alone.

God revealed that I wasn’t a good friend to have because of connecting with people based on what they could do for me.

I was a consumer of resources instead of a cultivator of relationships. He began to show me how to pursue relationships by reflecting light- His light.

What Changed?

The big switch was in the approach. Most often we initially assess others by what they can do for us. Do they bring influence, opportunity or possibly escape?

Instead, God taught me to ask what was it that I could do to serve them. Yes, serve others. We gush over the biblical account of Jesus washing feet (John 3: 1-17) but in reality we recoil at the thought of actually doing it.

Washing feet can look different to everyone, but the act of sacrificially serving others is the same. It begins in the heart by reflecting the light.

Your Light

I love the children’s song that goes, “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” In reality, what happened to your little light? Was it dimmed by addiction, divorce, disappointment, abuse, dysfunction, depression or defeat?

When you’re ready for that light to shine again, all you have to do is reflect it. You don’t have to create it, or generate it. Simply reflect it. And, while you’re at it maybe wash some feet.

Praying For You

Too many of us live this life alone. Afraid, unsure or unaware of who they can trust or where they can turn to, it's easy to self-isolate.

Get connected by getting connected. Sounds simple, right? It is. Start by plugging into our community online and see where God leads you from there.

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