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Chief Scott & Leah Silverii are a LEO couple, and they know what it takes to grow a bulletproof marriage.

Blue Marriage supports law enforcement and first responder relationships. 

Chief Scott and Leah Silverii


Leah and I thought we had it all figured out, but we were wrong and our marriage almost ended. Blue Marriage was born out of  our willingness to share what saved our relationship.

I'm a decorated law enforcement veteran who retired as a Chief of Police. Leah, a proud LEO wife, is also a bestselling author and international speaker. We're both experienced conference presenters, marriage counselors, and coaches who love working with other First Responder couples.

Leah and I understand the value of confidentiality and the language spoken by heroes holding the line. We're here to help you bulletproof your marriage because it's the most important assignment you'll ever have.


"...I placed myself into a coffin called guilt, held a funeral called pain, and buried myself in a grave called shame. It wasn’t until God’s mercy and grace raised me up, brushed me off, and gave me the key to freedom from my past that I was able to live again. I have that key, and I want to give it to you."

Chief Scott Silverii

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Scott & Leah are experienced conference speakers & hosts.

Confidential help for LEO couples. Perfect for church testimony & setting up life groups

Bulletproofing your marriage through a private 12 week course for LEO couples.  


Police Marriage Academy Directors

Chief Scott and Leah Silverii

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