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Publish Your Book

  • One-on-One coaching throughout the entire creation process. 

  • Unlimited bulk orders shipped direct to author and you maintain 100% of royalties. 

  • ISBN's registered to author for ebook, paperback and hardcover versions.

  • High-quality book covers formatted for e-book, paperback, hardcover and audiobook.

  • Multiple rounds of professional editing.

  • Interior formatting for digital, paperback, and hardcover.

  • Develop product description, blurb, keywords, categories and metadata.

  • Publish completed book into network of direct retailers such as bookstores, churches, schools and libraries.

  • Tracking and management of monthly book sales and regular royalty payments.

  • Landing page for promoting sales, collecting reader emails and notifying subscribers of official launch 

  • Book cover media graphic package.  

  • Book Launch Strategy Checklist

  • And much more...

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