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FIT@50: Two Pounds

FIT@50: Two Pounds

This week I was watching the boys out back as they discovered a pile of Leah’s padded dumbbells. They came in 2, 5 and 10 pounds. The youngest one was talking about weight lifting in his gymnastics class, and that he wanted to start lifting every day. He’s nine.

They struggled with technique, but had no lack of effort as they took turns hoisting the weights overheard. How bad could a two pound dumbbell hurt if they dropped it on their head anyway?

The little one finally shoved both dumbbells overhead on twig-thick, wobbling arms. He smiled at me and let out a kitten’s roar, “Yeah!”

I flashed him a quick thumbs up, and then laughed to myself, “It’s only two pounds.”

Sitting in the blistering heat, I thought back to just three days earlier. I’d begun an eating plan a few months earlier with benchmark goals set for each month.


As I reached them, they were called “touching the fifties” when I went from 265 and into the 250’s. Touching the forties was when my weight slipped into the 240’s, and my next scale touching was the 30’s.

Well, a few weeks back I got stuck around 241, and after an enjoyable working vacation, I found myself worrying more about retouching the 50’s. Once we returned home, I buckled down, ate right and hit the gym.

It was about two weeks before I had the confidence to step on the scale. I did it this week, and when I glanced down, I let out a lion’s roar, “Yeah!” I was at 239 pounds.


Sure, it’s only two pounds.

Whether we’re picking up 2 pounds or dropping 2 pounds, what’s important is the effort. Suddenly, I had a little more appreciation for what it took for him to get those two 2 pound dumbbells over his head.

Do Good,


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