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FIT@50: Forgot The Powder

FIT@50: Forgot the Powder

This week was what we like to refer to as Crazy Week. Not because life got out of control, but sometimes things get out of order. Purposeful prioritization is a key to maintaining balance in life.

What had me thinking about it was this morning as I prepped my breakfast shake. I added the fruits, almond butter, egg whites, ice, almond milk and slammed the lid shut to stick it on the blender.


I’d gotten so caught up in the “extras,” that I neglected the sole purpose for making the shake – the protein powder. Leah wasn’t around, so I laughed and whispered, “Crazy Week.”

There are so many things that enjoy screaming in your face to look at them because they say they’re critical. But, in the big scheme of life, they really aren’t much more than another distraction from what actually is important. That goes for schedules, people and requests.

Chasing Shiny

Have you ever asked for rain and gotten a hurricane? That was this week. So it was vital that we keep our lines of communications open. Those demanding time gremlins are everywhere. Sometimes they disguise themselves as opportunities, while others times as emergencies.

Most of the time we invite them into our lives by not maintaining the boundaries around our family and ourselves. Sometimes, we even step beyond what we know are established boundaries and find ourselves in the midst of manufactured crisis. In reality, they are time wasters and priority stealers.

The Key

The key is, time is precious. Yours, mine, ours. We can either waste it swatting at gnats, or enjoy it focusing on what truly matters in life. Of course, what matters is how you define it.

For me, it was a healthy breakfast protein shake. But in reality, my mind was feasting on Crazy Week instead of improving my health. What’s important to you?

Do Good,

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