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Dating Your Spouse: Blue Marriage

Dating Your Spouse: Blue Marriage:

Remember when you’d walk across glass to get a glimpse of your sweetie? What happened?

Okay, don’t ever forget what it was that drew you together. Now, do that more often.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being in Love

#1. Physical Changes – Love has physiological effects on your body. Chemical levels such as dopamine, testosterone, norepinephrine, histocompatibility complex (MHC), and Pheromones shift. These are all positive benefits. Dopamine is brain’s pleasure chemical Oxytocin is bonding/intimacy chemical.

Hugging and kissing important Testosterone is in both male and female, though higher in males. Ups your sex drive norepinephrine – A neurotransmitter is a chemical that is released from neurons. In the brain, norepinephrine increases arousal and alertness, promotes vigilance, enhances formation and retrieval of memory, and focuses attention

Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-associated mate choice is thought to give offspring a fitness advantage through disease resistance.

#2. Perspective – Love shifts your self-centered worldview into a shared, or partner-focused lens. Learning to see the world through another person’s heart is a powerful experience.

It becomes a more transparent process as trust and love deepens. EX: Covenant marriage versus Contract marriage

#3. Fighting Clean – Single people fight for one thing; preservation for their way of life. Throw a monkey wrench in their machinery and they come out fighting like an angry cat mistakenly bathed by a toilet’s flush.

Love softens the heart for considering someone else’s point of view, and the potential for understanding that the world really doesn’t revolve around you. EX: Praying Together

#4. Sexier Sex – Intimacy and trust lead to increased sexual pleasure. While being single and ready to mingle might make for a great beer commercial campaign, the reality of lonely nights, untrustworthy partners, or revolving door relations eventually leads to sexual dissatisfaction.

Monogamy, trust, transparency stimulates intimacy which leads to the type of sex God designed for us – Marriage bed super sex.

#5. A Better You – Lets face it, when it’s only you that you have to please, becoming self-consumed is almost guaranteed. Without outside stimuli, rare is the occasion to grow or improve. Because it is God’s expressed will that two people should become one, it’s not only pleasing to Him, but immeasurably pleasing to you.


#A – LESS STRESS – married people have less dramatic responses to psychological stress.

#B – Richer – “married respondents experience per person net worth increases of 77 percent over single respondents.” Married people also gained significantly more wealth than divorced people.

#C – Safer – married people take fewer risks, including substance abuse, and live happier, with better health benefits.

#D – Survive – better cancer survival rate than single or divorced.

#E – LIFE LONGER – Living with a partner lowered the mortality rate for men by 80 percent and for women by 59 percent. Co-habitation actually reduces the lifespan.

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