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Men’s Workshop: First on Facebook Featuring Twenty Top Influencers

I wanted to go but I just didn’t have the time or the money.

That’s been the story most of my adult life, so what did I do? I did something about it. It’s hard for men to take off of work and bear the burden of traveling to workshops focused on them.

I reached out to my closest and most trusted brothers in Christ and asked them to join me bringing the best men’s workshop directly to you. April 6 and 7, 2020, we’re hosting over 20 top influencers from pastors to firefighters. It’s completely free and only for men.

Facebook is hosting Building The Better Man inside a private group page, and all you have to do is register HERE to get the access link. Request to Join the Group and Brick Breakers Church for Men will welcome you in.

We’ll be covering everything from faith to finances, freedom from pain to pornography, marriage to mechanics! We want to connect with you there.

If you’re working those days like me, then catch every session from your phone later on, but you’ve got to register to get in!

Register Now – There’s ZERO obligation! PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE!!!

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