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Soul Ties: Are You Bound?

Soul Ties

Soul ties are God’s invisible miracle of creating long-lasting bonds of relationship that go deeper than surface-level friendships. Have you ever met someone for the first time, and it was like a light popped on in your soul? I’m not talking about a romantic connection, but yeah, that happens too.

Positive Connections

I think about the reaction when Mary went to visit Elizabeth in the New Testament. They were respectively pregnant with Jesus and John (the Baptist). Elizabeth’s baby jumped in her womb at the sound of Jesus’s mother, Mary. There was a tie between these two souls who would meet again thirty years later and change the history of the world.

As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.

Luke 1:44

Another thought that I always associate with a positive soul tie is the brotherhood of David and Jonathan. David had six biological brothers, and Jonathan was the son of King Saul, who set out to kill David as he would eventually replace him to become king of Israel. Despite both of these factors, these men were closer than blood.

As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David,

and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

1 Samuel 18:1

Lasting Influence

While soul ties can be positive bonds to old friends and family, they are also spiritual attachments to events, actions, images, or anything that has trapped you in that moment in time that just won’t allow you to be free to move forward with your life. Sort of like that old gym membership!

One of my closest and most dear friends was a guy called Ox. We’d met before we’d entered our basic police academy training and were brothers the very instant we shook hands. Luckily, we attended the same academy. 

Octavio “Ox” Rafael Gonzales stood in my wedding, we worked out and rode motorcycles together and spent several years working undercover narcotics until he moved to another agency to command his own unit. We continued to coordinate between agencies and through SWAT. We would’ve given our lives for each other.

On June 16, 2006, Ox was ambushed and murdered in the still of night by two wanted outlaws on the run. Immediately, I suffered depression and anxiety over his loss. It left me unable to process through the grief. To say I loved him is an understatement. There was a soul tie that kept me tethered to grief and survivor’s guilt.

It wasn’t until I was able to pray through that connection, and release myself from the negative, wrong aspect of his death, that I was able to put it into a proper context. It doesn’t mean I miss him any less, but God never meant for the bonds of loving relationships to also carry negative consequences.

Negative Effects

Soul ties can also start off bad and get worse. Maybe a friend or relative sexually assaulted you as a child. That sin-based connection has the ability to control the rest of your life because of the tether to a wrong relationship. Some other soul ties are bonded through addiction, guilt, and obligation, to name a few.

Anything that has attached itself to you and still influences your thoughts, emotions, or actions is a soul tie.

Satan is skilled at perverting our memories of past relationships. Have you noticed that when you and your spouse fight, how your mind starts to go back to past relationships? Maybe that ex-wife wasn’t so bad. Maybe it was me or I wonder if she’s still available? The reason these thoughts take hold is because you’ve never severed them from your spirit. The good news is that you have the authority to pray over every one of the ties that keep you chained to the past, and slice right through them.

Breaking Bondage

It’s important that if you haven’t already identified what it is that haunts you, to really begin praying over this. Ask God to reveal to you what it is in your spirit that you need to be freed from. You have the supernatural authority to cut negative soul ties.

Some of us visualize these spiritual ties as strands, like spider webs stretching from that moment in the past to where we are today. When I began to understand the concept of soul ties, I immediately saw my past pain connected to my spirit by giant suspension-bridge cables.

It might sound funny if this is your first exposure to the reality of soul ties, but once you begin to pray over them, you will start to “see” yourself still supernaturally connected to your past. Like I said, mine were so powerfully destructive over the course of my life that they were like thick, impenetrable cables. But, as I prayed God’s authority over them, they were sliced like a hot knife through butter.

Do Not Ignore

Too often, we just blow it off. Most of us don’t like going to a doctor when we’re sick or hurt because we figure it’ll go away or we can deal with it. Deceptive past reminders act in the same way. Can you live with the darkness of your past attached to your soul? Sure you can. Until you can’t.

The point is, we can muddle through life without ever scratching that itch, or we can rid ourselves of the darkness, and move forward with living the blessed life that God created for us. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Your Mission Assignment

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