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🙏 “I Just Want To Stay Neutral.” Well, You Can’t. 🙏

Updated: May 17, 2021

“I just want to stay neutral.”

That’s a message I received about a post I shared. I didn’t reply back to force that issue because it’s not our responsibility as believers to shove Christ down anyone’s throat. We are to simply share the truth.

In saying this, I realize that the truth is not what some want to hear. For a believer to tell anything but the truth is doing more damage to God’s kingdom than satan ever could. Actually, by not telling the truth (also known as a lie) we are doing exactly what the devil is doing by leading people away from a real relationship with God.

Love and Truth

I love you and respect you to tell you only the truth. You have no obligation to listen, to believe or to accept what Jesus is trying to tell you. You have free will to choose, so choose wisely. But you must know that there is no neutral ground in this supernatural battle. You either choose to lovingly follow Christ or by default serve Satan.

Now that doesn’t mean you’ll be reciting incantations while your skull spins around on your neck, but it’s not out of the realm of darkness because until you choose to step into the light, you are flailing in the dark. There is no “grey.”

If you’re being pressured by Christians to accept Jesus, then that’s not cool either. God is very clear in Revelation 3:20 that Jesus only knocks at the door. It’s up to you to get up and answer the door to allow Him into your life. It’s not the Christian’s duty to pound or kick the door open.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. ~ Revelation 3:20

Getting Pushy

I know some believers get pushy because of their zeal for Christ and the burden on their hearts to not see people they love condemned to eternal damnation. We understand that all because you’re a good person and send money to charities or maybe even belong to a church that you will indeed go to hell unless you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. It’s harsh, I know, but this is the truth of Jesus Christ – the Gospel.

Yeah, But…

About this point I usually get, “If God is good why does He send people to hell?” That’s another fair question, and I know one that you’re asking. The answer goes back to choice – God offers you the only path to eternal life with Him – Jesus Christ.

If you choose Him, you do not go to hell. If you choose not to choose Him you go to hell. It’s really not complicated, but it is up to you.

Being in control of your life is what you really want anyway, right? Choosing to follow Christ is not giving up who you are. It’s making you the best “you”, you could possibly be!

I hope this has answered your question about there being no neutral ground in the supernatural war being waged.

Need Prayer?

I love you and want you to live a crazy blessed beyond belief life. Let’s get connected at Five Stones Church.Online and walk this out together. Much Love and Respect, Scott

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