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Hit The Wall Yet? How Many Times?

Mission Control I think it was Bruce Lee who said “Be water.” It’s important to remain fluid in certain situations and understand that ultimately we are not in control. Did I just say control? That’s funny because God has used this lockdown scenario to show me that I have a problem with control. I want to be in it! But, after a tough beginning and lots of prayers that started off with, “Why God?” the Holy Spirit revealed that this was His season for breaking off the chains that have kept me captive. Surrendering control is a continuing process, and one we all have to remind ourselves or be reminded that indeed, we are not in charge. Are you having an issue with a stronghold that has been exposed during this pandemic?  Personal Decision Leah and I had our first in-restaurant lunch in almost two months. It was the day Texas authorized openings at a 25% capacity, but as we expected, not many places had opened. We had to head out of town, but we did find this great burger place open. The menu has always been one of our favorites.

We will adhere to government recommendations, but we will not live in fear. It was kinda sad that we were the only two people in the place, but we have faith that others will soon follow. I’m personally overwhelmed at how militant people have become between the get out versus the stay in house factions. It’s important that whatever your decision is, we respect what others are feeling about their own personal safety. Are you ready to return to social circulation?  Woman At The Well I shared a word this week from John 4 about the woman at the well as it relates to no condemnation and showing grace to others. Give it a watch, and also catch up on my latest messages. Over the last two weeks God has been so clear that the best way to connect with believers is to forgo the traditional Sunday sermon and meet people through short, daily messages.     Join Me At 7:00 pm Hop on HERE nightly at 7:00pm (CST) for my Live, brief word just for you! We are so thankful for you. God bless you and do not lose heart in this limited season. God is doing a mighty work in your life. Just hold on to His promise of Jeremiah 29:11 Much Love & Respect, Scott 

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