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FIT@50: Let Your Light Shine

FIT@50: Let Your Light Shine

You know that bright blue LED light that glares from the small window at the top of your scale? Well, I’ve not seen mine in over a week.

Why? Because I suspect it’s going to tell on me. Therefore, I’ve refused to allow it’s little light to shine. It probably needs to be punished for the naughty thing it’s just dying to reveal.

I’ve changed up my eating habits over the last several month. I’ve gone from over 265 to the last time I let that light shine at around 241. But, that’s back when the scale and I were on good terms.

I was sticking to the plan at about a 70% good to 30% bad eating for the first part of the week, but as the week digressed, that hanging on slid to about a 50-50.

Posting my weekly progress is an accountability measure for me, and I got to engage with lots of folks who shared their stories of triumph and struggle. Of course when you’re posting only weight loss, it’s easy to be the beacon of hope.

So, I avoided posting an update last week, and this week and figured once I make up the lost ground, I’d post another reduction post so we could all say, “Good going, buddy boy.”

But, the reality is, being fit at 50 is about so much more than the sliding downward of numbers on a scale. There are times when one, or two, or four, or …. frosted sugar cookies taste delicious after a BBQ hamburger patty.

Does that mean I failed? Not unless I try deceiving the people who trust me with their stories of the ups and downs of reclaiming their health.

Losing weight is not more important than losing credibility. So to be honest with you, I have no idea what that light is going to say. I’ll be back on the scale Monday morning, but until then, I’m gradually moving the needle back to the “It’s okay, you’re human” side of the eating plan.

One needle I won’t budge on is the truth or your trust. I’m writing this past midnight after Leah and I came back from the gym. I want to return to my Friday night FIT@50 articles, so here’s to getting back to the weekly posts, late night workouts and allowing that little light to shine until I touch the 230’s.

Do Good,

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