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11 Days of 31: The Ebb and Flow

11 Days of 31: The Ebb and Flow

I love that song about some days being the diamonds, and some days being the coal. Or even more fitting is the one about the windshield and the bug.

But the truth is, we can’t always be at the top of our game. The best to strive for is a plus or minus along either side of consistent.


It’s been like that today, on this 11th day of my self-imposed 31 day journaling challenge. I’ll draw a blank all day, and then something will hit me, and BAM, I’m furiously writing that day’s stream of consciousness.

My inspiration usually starts with a title or single thought. A few years back Leah and I were cleaning out my stuff from my folk’s house I found a pair of Joe Boxer briefs. They’d been there since college.

“Boxer, Boxer, Sergeant Joe Boxer.” About a year later, I’d written four full-length novels (3 of them about 90,000 words each) about who else? Sergeant Joe Boxer.


But, when a 30-year-old pair of undies aren’t available to inspire, I look to the daily. It’s within the moments of average that most of the best times occur. Why? I guess because there’s no pressure or expectation of anything other than average going to happen.

Today wasn’t as much about not having an epiphany moment, I think it was that the last few days of journal entries really surprised me by the depth of transparency and introspection.

One of my most beloved pastors, Ronnie Melancon once explained why we get so exhausted after attending worship service. There’s a spiritual drop off after the mountain top experience. It’s not a bad thing he said, because we need the time to refresh.

Back Up Top

This is what today was when I found myself in a valley. Life’s ebb and flow is a supernatural hedge of protection and a period of restoration before engaging in the next great thing, the next dreaded thing or the next unexpected thing. It’s our way of being prepared for any next thing.

So I’m hoping that this day 11 is right along either the plus or minus side of consistency, and that by tomorrow I’m hopping back up the mountain top with a line of inspiration.

Do Good,

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