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Time Marches On: Try Marching Against It

Time Marches On: Try Marching Against It

How often do you look at your watch? What are you thinking when your wrist rolls over and that non-stop mechanical face stares back at you with a sequential ticking off of numbers known as time?

Does it ignite an action, or calm an anxiety over an impending appointment? Maybe, and most probably, it’s just a habit or a method of marking our progress throughout a day.

Seldom do we take time to reflect on the events between the current time we check our watch versus the last time we looked at it. But in that span, time does indeed pass, and so did life.

My question to you is while we are occupied with marking time, are we equally concerned with marking life? Several years ago, while my wife and I were on a working vacation to Hawaii, I realized that at the end of two weeks on the big island, we had only ventured away from the complex once. We’d gone snorkeling with friends and had a fantastic time.

Other than that, we were marking time because of meetings and obligations to others while neglecting ourselves. The day we flew home, it really hit me that although we’d made the most out of our time, we hadn’t made the most out of our lives.

As a symbolic gesture, I decided to leave the only watch I owned, and wore during most of my law enforcement career where it last dominated my experiences by commanding all of my time. I’ve not worn a watch in the last three years as a prompting to focus on every moment in life.

God has given us this opportunity to focus on where we are in our lives. Looking back over our lives, pain has been a big part of it. It’s a thief, and finally, it’s time to shackle it up, and toss it into captivity where it can no longer affect our life. Enjoy your time in this life!

Much Love/Respect,


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