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FIT@50 / week 63


FIT@50 / week 63

Retired Watch:

I’ve worn this watch for many years. It’s probably not worked more often than it has. Yet, I wear it without fail. Why? It’s what I’ve tried explaining to Liliana Hart for years.

This watch has been with me through the best and worst times in my life.

While strapped around my wrist, it has hugged my sons, been complimented by a United States Attorney, swam miles in pools and open water, endured years of graduate school, survived bullets zipping by, attended funerals of my closest friends, traveled across country and abroad, and attended my wedding among just a few experiences.

Mostly, this watch has dutifully been there whether it kept time or not.

It’s been more about sentimental memories than the practical need for time keeping.


Why am I retiring it today? Like many decisions in life, it’s just time to do so.

Unlike ceremonies involving the awarding of a watch for retirement, the reverse is going to happen. It’ll just be left somewhere between Maui and home.


Where? It’s not overly important or geographically symbolic. It’s just a place to leave it like there was an original place I first fastened it years ago.

I also decided it was best to leave it as opposed to storing it in a dresser at home.

Why? This watch has been through too much to just sit in a drawer. It deserves better – broken or not.


Who knows, maybe someone will also enjoy it. After a trip to a watch repair of course.

Do Good, Scott

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