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FIT@50 / week 45


FIT@50 / week 45

Red Soles & Big Smiles:

Yes, my wife, Liliana Hart has an affinity for those snappy shoes with the iconic red soles, but it wasn’t a purchase that brought about smiles. It’s my role as a support team member that had me grinning like I’d just busted a drug dealer.

Being FIT means being able and prepared to adjust to life’s challenges or demands. I’d served in a command capacity since 1992 when I supervised my first multi-jurisdictional drug and violent crimes task force.

Today, being the chief isn’t required – being equal partners is.

Being equal or partners doesn’t mean being good at the same thing. It means each person identifies what their role is and strives to become the best they can be in that capacity.

Through our publishing company, SilverHart Publishing, we recently released a collection of stories by five fantastic authors. One of which is my wife. While I kid about being excluded from the anthology as an author, I was serious about developing a title and cover concept to help best promote their work.

While she created the newest Addison Holmes Mystery, I worked behind the scenes to support her efforts. When the final cover was submitted, I had never been so happy for a pair of red sole shoes.

Not because of the shoes, but because of her name listed on the cover along with the other four amazing ladies. Being FIT isn’t always accepting the trophy or making the daily headlines. It’s just as important to work behind the scenes and give it everything you’ve got so when others see your partner, your partner sees you.

Do Good,


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