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Well Anchored – By: Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

An anchor is something that serves to hold an object firmly. A ship without an anchor will constantly drift. Stability requires anchors in your life. As a Christian, the teachings of Jesus serve as anchors in our life. The Lord says He writes His Word in our heart, and as we learn of Him, the tug on our heart will keep us in check and prevent us from drifting away.

Anchors not only hold us in place, but also help guide us. A friend from Greece told me that there are large car ferries that slip into small, seemingly inaccessible harbors in Greece. He said the ferry has anchors all around it. The Captain sets these anchors, and with the current turns the ship sharply. It parks the large vessels in places otherwise impossible. By having solid, principled anchors in our lives, we can get to places seemingly impossible and…

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