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The Foundation of Doing Life

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

“Do for others what you would like them to do for you” (Matthew 7:12). This passage is often described as the Golden Rule of the Bible. If practiced, it can change your life and even your world.

Mahatma Ghandi was instrumental in India’s freedom by instituting the non-violent teachings of Christ – Ghandi was Hindu. Dr. Martin Luther King was a Baptist preacher that taught the same non-violent principles of the Prince of Peace, and changed the racial injustices of our nation. It cost both men their lives, but demonstrated the truth and power of the word of God.


Jesus said that the greatest expression of love is your willingness to lay down your life for others. He also said that love never fails. There have always been those that hate without even knowing why they hate. The greatest example of that in the Bible is when Jesus was constantly attacked and criticized for doing what was right and holy.

You, as an individual, have to decide which road of life you will take; the unpopular narrow path of righteousness, humility, and love, or the broad path of selfishness, pride, and lust. I assure you though, ultimately love wins because it cannot fail.


Jesus said to build your house (life) on the solid foundation of learning and living His teachings. By doing so, you can withstand the storms of life. Sooner or later, you will experience life’s storms. An old saying goes like this – “If you build a boat, build it with a storm in mind.” In building your life, that is sound advice.

Lord bless,

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

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