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It is Well | Mother’s Day

It is Well | Mother’s Day

Last week I was blessed with a wonderful sermon about the Shumanite woman from 2 Kings 4:8-37. Her sacrifice, silent suffering, and faith reminded me of my mother – as I’m sure her character is similar to your moms’ also.

Elisha asked about her child, and having just lost the young boy, she answered, “It is well, it is well.” Not that she wasn’t hurting, but her spirit, which transcended human understanding, was at peace despite her physical pain.

Mother’s Day is bittersweet. If your mom is still with you – it’s a blessing. If she’s aged or ill – the reality of loss weighs heavily as you wish her possibly the final happy Mother’s Day. If she has passed – you suffer the conflict of darling memories and the emptiness of her absence.

I’ve been stuck in that clutch all week, but I’m encouraged by the message – “It is well.”

My mom fought cancer for seven years before her homecoming in September 1999. Through the radiation and chemo treatments, through the hair loss and physical torment, through the growth and loss of her family – “It is well.”

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Actually, for those who knew the central Mississippi roots, her easy drawl was more like, “It’ll be okay.”

Let me encourage you to honor Mother’s Day as something more than another crawfish boil or BBQ. Allow it to transcend the back patting hugs, hallmark cards, or quick phone call.

If you haven’t yet, drop the ego, anger, or embarrassment and look her in the eyes as deeply as she looked into yours the day you were born.

Say, “Momma, I love you.”

If she has passed this life, allow your spirit to lift you beyond the human hurt of loss. Don’t be afraid to call her name aloud.

Say, “Momma, it is well, it is well.”

Happy Mother’s Day

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