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I Love You….

I Love You…

There, I said it. Actually, I said it Wednesday night to my entire agency during our annual Blue Summit. I am not a “tree-hugging” chief of police, but I do believe that a key part of sincere leadership is allowing yourself to be human to your staff.

I also remind them that I prayed with expectancy before accepting the position, as God led me to this city to serve Him, them and our citizens. Sharing the vision, the bigger picture of public service is important for establishing an agency ideal bigger than the individual’s self-satisfaction.

I know that serving as a mentor, leader and organizational compass does not require that I be perfect. It requires that I be present. Makes sure people in your spheres of influence know without question that you are “present.”

Have an awesomely lived Friday, and may God join you in the celebration.

I Love You..

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