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Can You See It? – By: Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

Happy Mother’s Day. I miss you mom

A little girl saw a sign that read “pick your own watermelon – $2.00” in front of a field where an elderly man sat. She approached him and said, “All I have is $.35 cents.” The kind man pointed at a little watermelon and said, ”I’ll let you have that one for $.35 cents.” She said thank you, paid her money, and began to walk away. “Wait! Where you going? Aren’t you going to pick your watermelon?” “Yes, but I’ll be back to get it in three weeks.”

Being able to see and wait on potential is a virtue.  You have to be willing to put a smaller payment now to reap a bigger dividend later.

            Vision is the ability to see a picture of your future that puts passion in your today. If you can pray and get a vision of your future from God, you can set…

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