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This is the time for strong men. It's NOT a sales pitch.

It'S a call to action.

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Author, Jim Ramos founder of Men In The Arena ministry encourages men to hold the line in these tough times.


Break the Glass


There is honor in manhood. Jim Ramos mentors you through the five essentials you must possess to change your world.

Who needs you?

Wives, kids, churches, communities and yes, especially this corrupted world.  

Can one man make a difference? 

You don't need a pep talk or evidence. The simple answer is what you already know in your heart. Yes, one strong man can make a difference.

What can I do?

The very same thing strong men have done throughout time - Commit. Start now and become the strong man who commits to shouldering the burden, the duty and the earned honor of being a man among men.  

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