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Pulpit 2 Published

Publishing is our ministry. God has blessed us with successful writing and publishing careers. Our success has led to establishing MarriageToday's publishing house (XO Publishing) where we published bestselling pastors like  Jimmy Evans of Gateway Church and The naked Marriage by Dave and Ashley Willis.

You've put so much effort into your sermon series and now they sit on a computer file in hopes of getting recycled for another message. Stop collecting digital dust and breath new life into your work.

Publishing your past sermon series, new revelation or spirit-inspired vision introduces you to a brand new audience and exponentially increases your influence.


Many pastors are still sitting on thesis papers and doctoral dissertations prepared in Bible school. We love developing these works into professionally published books that create sales for additional revenue streams. 

Let's talk about the treasure chest of publishable content you've already created. Five Stones Press will walk with you to develop a strategy 

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