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Why We’ve Gone Public

Why We’ve Gone Public

A few years back, my wife Leah and I created a publishing house for managing only our personal Christian and inspirational books, ebooks and audiobooks. While God has blessed our efforts, we’ve struggled to watch as good people are taken advantage of by unscrupulous “publishers.”

After years of praying about opening up our services to the public, God has provided us with an incredible team of professionals fully capable of caring for your dream of having your book published.

What Do We Offer?

Five Stones Press will escort your raw Word document through the phases of professional publishing, and present to you a completely finished and marketable book.

Who Is It For?

While we love helping anyone with a passion for sharing their story, Five Stones Press only publishes non-fiction, Christian and inspirational books. It’s perfect for authors who want to focus on the craft of creating their book without the worry of publishing and distribution bureaucracies.

Why Do You Need This?

We’ve seen too many good people taken advantage of by supposed “Christian” & get-rich quick publishers. Most writers give up their dream because navigating the process gets too complicated beyond writing the book. So people with a vision and story are left in a gap with few options but to move forward with scammers who promise you a bestselling book and big money returns. It’s a lie.

What’s Our Story?

Writing and publishing are not only our passion, but our business. It’s what supports our family and allows us to practice faithful stewardship. We’ve personally sold close to 10 million books and through the years have built a trusted team that makes what we do for a living a reality. We’re in a season where we can offer our team to you for the sole goal of getting your book’s manuscript to market.

Why Trust Us?

Honestly, it disturbs us to see enthusiastic people hoodwinked for costs from $5,000 to $50,000 to get their own book published. While we’ve mentored hundreds of would-be writers, we’ve refrained from making our services available to the public until we’d prayed over it.

During the last few years, our team developed capacity so that we have full services to meet your needs. Once we knew it was a straightforward opportunity for everyone from the author, our team, us and the readers, were we prepared to go public.

We’re here if you need us, and no pressure if not. Connect with us when you’re ready for a publishing package quote. Shop it around if you like, and we’re 100% sure you will not find a better option. We only focus on getting your book to market and not trying to nickel and dime you for unnecessary services.

What’s Next?

If you have a completed manuscript or still in the process of developing your story, now is the time to connect. An accountability partnership promotes more productivity than going at it alone.

We will deliver your vision to market in an incredible array of formats from e-book, paperback, hardcover and audiobook. It’s going to be exciting to see your dream shared throughout our network of over 39,000 distributors that include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, churches, schools, libraries and online resources.

Contact us now at publish@fivestonespress.net

To begin an online process for pricing and publishing contract terms, visit Five Stones Press

Much Love and Respect,


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