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Unity Is The Key To Community: Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry

I pray you are having a blessed day. There is always so much emphasis placed on Monday’s. We either dread starting a new week, or we expect life-changing action just because it’s a new set of 24 hours.

I’ve been thanking God for using this day for whatever He choses to do with it. I’m also glad He allowed me to be in the day so I can be in His presence.

I know a lot of us are dealing with heavy stuff right now, but no need jamming more pressure into it because the calendar says, Monday.

Let’s band together to thank God for another day, and lift each other up in His presence. Unity is the key for relationships. There is nothing we cannot accomplish when we come together as a body of believers.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. ~ Ephesians 4:3

Give each other a TOGETHER to show Love & Respect!!!

Much Love/ Respect, Scott

For Men Only

I’m opening up a few positions for brothers who are looking for an accountability mentor. I work with brothers privately through text messaging, and emails. Obviously everything is Christ-centered, confidential and there is no fee involved.

If you are interested and possess a teachable spirit, please send me a DM through Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry.

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