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Unforgiveness: It’s Your Jailer

Unforgiveness: It’s Your Jailer

Struggling with past relationships, regrets or recollections that stir misery or pain in your life?

Don’t misunderstand the negative power of unforgiving. It does cause pain, and can lead to physical illnesses and emotional misery.

It’s sort of a pain prison where the ones we refuse to forgive are our jailers. They tug the chain, and we feel the pain. We can cut that invisible cord right this second by forgiving them.

The three keys to genuinely forgiveness:

1. Repent – Unforgiveness is a sin, so before forgiving those who have sinned against you, make the time to repent for your own sin of unforgiving.

2. Release – We’ve talked about judgments against others, and their effect on our own lives. To genuinely forgive, we must break the curse and release the judgment against others.

3. Bless – God is very clear that it’s a two-step process. Not only must we forgive those who have sinned against us, but we must bless them.

Much Love/Respect,

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