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True Grit Podcast Kicks Off With Special Guest

Meet My Special Guest

I’ve been interviewed thousands of times and I’ve also gotten to interview lots of folks.

My favorites are people who don’t rehearse scripts or offer talking points. In other words, #RealTalk

Cool Dude

Watch my chat with one of the coolest guys I know! #truegrit.  I sat down with our youngest son for an impromptu interview about some of his favorite things. He talked everything gymnastics to playing the oboe. Creating the time invest in our kids requires effort, but wow, is it ever worth it. Discovering their favorite things might surprise you.

Last Time?

When was the last time you sat and chatted with your kids? If there are more than one in the house, giving the isolated attention to each creates an incredible atmosphere that tells them they are unique and special. Setting up this interview-type of talk really appealed to him, but the others would not dare participate. Look for what draws them out and into a casual, fun conversation.

Subscribe to Podcast

If you’re inclined to podcasts, I’ve just kicked this one off. Click here for iTunes and here for Spotify

Guests and Ideas

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