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To my civilian friends: I’m sorry

To my civilian friends: I’m sorry.  I’m sorry you have to worry about my brother & sister law enforcement officers and me.  I’m sorry the murder of two more of this nation’s finest has you scared and fearful for the future.  I’m sorry that your friends, family, or spouse has to return to duty without the national support for the singular profession authorized to protect & serve you.  I’m sorry that others whose agendas benefit from the desecration of the American symbol of order and civility have voices resonating louder than yours. I’m not sorry that despite the fact one of us will die every 58 hours, the other 800,000 of us will never fail to report for duty.  I’m not sorry that despite celebrities and athletes dishonoring the profession standing ready to protect, we will be there every time they call.  I’m not sorry that despite a minuscule percentage of our total number of officers do bad things, that the rest of us serve with sacrificial honor.  I’m also not sorry for the profession I, along with almost one million others have chosen.  Mostly, I’m sorry I had to write this apology to my civilian friends.  To my band of brothers & sisters – watch each other’s 6 like never before.  God Bless the Blue. 

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