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The Warrior’s Marriage: Our 4 Deepest Needs

The Warrior’s Marriage: Our 4 Deepest Needs

1. Acceptance

“I am loved and accepted for who I am.” (Romans 8:35-39) • Most people love us based on what they don’t know. God is the only one who knows your every thought and will always love you no matter what.

2. Identity –

“I am special, unique and significant.” (Psalm 13) • God planned every day of your life before you were born. He is the only one who knows why you were created.

3. Security –

“I am safe and secure from harm.” (Psalm 9) • When you understand God’s security it doesn’t matter what is going on around you, because God’s security is in you.

4. Purpose –

“I have a significant purpose and there is a reason for my life.” (Jeremiah 29:11-14) • God’s purpose for your life will fulfill the desires of your heart. He won’t lead you to do something that He hasn’t prepared you to do.

Join me each Monday night at Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry for The Warrior’s Marriage – 7:00pm (CST).

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