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Chief in Prayer

NOTE: I am posting this message received for two reasons;

1. It was sent via social media, so I trust I’m not violating a confidence by posting.

2. It is possibly the nicest message I have received, and moves me to know that our actions, as important as our words, speak volumes about who we are and what we do.

Hi, Scott. I found your sight by clicking on a twitter link tweeted by an author friend. I was curious because of your twitter name. You see, I am a novelist, but I am also a parent of a Nicholls State student. In fact, the last time my husband and I visited (we are from TX), we were sitting in the Weeping Willow cafe and two cops walked in for lunch. Everyone in the place greeted them, addressing one as “chief.” But what impressed us most was that these two men bowed their heads and prayed before eating. I take it one of those men was you! As we come for graduation in December, we will be sad to say goodbye to the town that has meant so much to our child. Thank you for making it a safe place for to live and learn. And thank you for being a man of public faith and integrity. God has obviously given you great favor and success. Bless you!

As public servants, it is not often we receive kind gestures of encouragement or faith. It is also true that our actions as public servants might cause others to think negatively of us.

Though it is an absolute affirmative that if you serve God first, then your community before yourself, you may be persecuted, but will always find favor in Christ.

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