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The Bro Code Series Celebrates Alpha Manhood’s Building The Better Man

Too Late?

Do you think it’s ever too late to change? Of course I understand the longer we wait, the harder it is to change. When we factor in the man card, it can get even more difficult to push improvement.

The Bro Code Series isn’t about getting a ripped six-pack, or rippling biceps for the beach. This is about building the better man according to God’s design. I know it’s easier to get men to read a workout book than it is to read about looking at our life in a mirror.

Never Too Late

I get it, I’m a man. I’ve lived my life in the alpha male mode and loved being the man.

But, the effects of being a modern man have left me and millions of other alphas with everything from past pain to current addictions. Unfortunately, part of being a tough guy today means sucking it up in silence and suffering without asking for help or healing.

This is no way to live a Godly, blessed life.

Each book focuses on areas causing troubles for us men. Often times, we slug through life without even knowing there is an issue. The Bro Code is a no-nonsense approach to tackling these problems.

No punches are pulled, and they were written specifically and unapologetically for alpha males looking for direction in living the best life possible.

Scott is a son of the Living God. He’s thankful for the gift of his wife, Leah. They have seven kids combined, and live in Dallas, Texas.

​Scott was career law enforcement until God called him into His service. He promptly retired as a Chief of Police and started Blue Marriage with Leah to serve the needs of America’s first responder marriages. The Chief admits what he thought he’d learned from leading others during a 25 year career that included 12 years undercover and 16 years in SWAT, was nothing like leading people to Christ.

Currently in seminary studies to earn a Doctorate of Ministry, Scott has earned a Master of Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology. Education allows him unique insight into the human condition and a deeper understanding in the need for ministering to the wounded state of manhood, as he worked to break free from his own past pain.

In 2016, he was led to start Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry. With almost 40,000 men worldwide, the mission of encouraging other brothers drives his daily service. His alpha manhood model for men is defined by:  

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

An experienced mentor and confidential accountability partner, Scott is available to share with churches, life groups, workshops and conferences.

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