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Pouring Out Your Oil Always Gives You More

That really makes no sense, does it? How can I have more of something if I’m always giving away something?

Making Sense

Of course in the natural world it would not make sense, but we’re talking about God’s supernatural blessings and His anointing oil. The more you bless others, the more blessed you become. It could be a compliment or an offer to pay someone’s utility bill. It’s the act of giving that matters more than what it is that you give.

God loves to bless us by giving more than we gave. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a game of give to get. The actual act of giving is a blessing. But, God will give to you once He can trust to give through you. That transactional giving starts with “oil.”

Always Oil

Anointing with oil is used throughout the Bible. From the tabernacle to the feet of Jesus, oil poured out is symbolic of God’s own gifting. We have that same anointed oil within us thanks to the Holy Spirit who resides within us.

You pour out that oil in your words, actions, thoughts, prayers and in everything you choose to do or not do. Some people choose to hoard the oil they have and instead of it becoming a blessing to them and others, it goes stagnant.

Pour It Out

Empty your vessel everyday. Turn it upside down, shake it out and smack it a few times to make sure your vessel is bone dry. That doesn’t mean you’re empty – it means you’re ready to be refilled, renewed and refreshed by the Holy Spirit with more than you can imagine.

And that’s how you always end up with more by giving away all that you have. Try It!!

You shall take the anointing oil and pour it on his head and anoint him. Exodus 29:7


I love to pour out my anointing onto others through prayer. I’d love to pray with you or for you. Message me here or DM on facebook, but please don’t allow your spirit to run dry because you didn’t want to connect.

A Gift

My very own pastor, Adam McCain and I are so excited to have created this work for you. Favored Not Forgotten is a deeply moving book about the dark times in life. We’ve all felt like we’ve taken a wrong turn or were simply abandoned by others or God Himself. These wilderness seasons aren’t punishment but they sure feel like it. We’re walking you through the reality of how God designed the process of you receiving your greatest gifts. This free ebook is a sample of that blessing.

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