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Nicholls State University Baseball; Thank You

Generous offer

“How would you like to throw out the first pitch?” NSU Head Baseball Coach Seth Thibodeaux asked a few weeks ago.

“Uh….” I so eloquently replied. Sensing my utter hesitation, Coach Thibodeaux followed with, “Okay, how about Max?”

Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer

Generous with their time

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A few days later, on a gloriously sunny afternoon we arrived at my favorite college baseball park. Coach Thibodeaux greeted us at the NSU dugout and immediately connected with my son.

I stood back and watched as Kiddo mixed & mingled with the most dedicated college athletes in America. High fives and fist bumps from each of them.

Generously compassionate

I was most amazed as these young men gathered around him for a game of catch. Having Down syndrome does not limit Kiddo’s abilities, it just redefines them.

He was playing baseball with these heroes because they challenged him as a person, not a special needs case.

National Anthem - Paying Respect

National Anthem – Paying Respect

Generously blessed role models

For serving as the role models that blessed college athletes may be; Nicholls State University Baseball; Thank You.

Coach Seth Thibodeaux Baseball Camp

Coach Seth Thibodeaux Baseball Camp

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