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Men And Church: We’ve Made Both Disposable

  1. Everytime we walk out of a relationship, we make ourselves disposable.

  2. Everytime we walk out of church, we make ourselves disposable.

  3. Everytime we walk out on us, we make ourselves disposable.


Do you believe we were created to be kings and priests in God’s kingdom? Realizing our value as men is one of our biggest hurdles. We’ve been fed a diet of disposability and now all we can digest is failure, criticism and grudges against others.

“…and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” ~ Revelation 1:6 (NKJV)

Most men look at relationships as having only three options:

  1. Bond with each other

  2. Battle against each other

  3. Abandon each other.

Because of our disposability perspective, we don’t invest the quality time to bond, our battles begin with self-doubt and manifest against other brothers, and we’re quick to abandon or avoid the potential for creating a personal platform of male sustainability.

That stable platform includes growing our faith, relationships, family and friends. Instead, we stumble across shifting sands where we toil to plant career, reputation, status and financial significance.

When we misplace our purpose with materialistic manhood, our potential for upward growth is limited by the shallowness of our roots. Our hopes, dreams, value and personal footprint becomes easily blown away, and thus we become disposable.

Yes, You Do

“I don’t need this junk.”

How many times have you said that? It’s a modern man’s anti-battle cry. Guess what? You do need that junk. You need to struggle, sustain and endure to build your manly muscle. I’m not talking about the 315 pound bench press. I’m talking about the power to support basic principles of manhood.

13 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done with love.

~ 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (NKJV)

Walking away shows itself when our marriage gets tough or the kids stop listening. Maybe we make ourselves disposable when the boss changes their mind or the pastor calls sin for sin and we’re offended. Every time we quit or leave, there’s a vacancy created. That void doesn’t remain open for long.

We’re replaced immediately at work, in the pew or in the marriage. Why? Because we’ve chosen to make ourselves disposable. Someone else is there to step up in line. Unfortunately, these gaps are usually filled temporarily by another disposable man who had just abandoned his wife, kids or responsibility.

Yes, You Should

Men have already left the church. The number of women and kids in worship services far outnumber us. Men have decided we don’t need to put up with that junk. Well, guess what? Yes, you should.

When church is unfulfilling try doing something about it as opposed to abandoning either. Don’t like the church you’re in, then find another one. But stop looking for a church based on what it can do for you, and start praying for a church that you can do for it.

Still not satisfied with your options, then do something bold and change church or start your own. Home churches and small/life groups are popular for filling the void created by the mega-church vacuums. Don’t think you can make a difference? Take a look at Martin Luther.

This guy was fed up with the corrupted nature of the church, and what did he do about it? Ever heard of the Reformation? Give it a Google and understand that even one man with a heart for Christ can ignite a revolution of change.

Instead of remaining disposable by abandoning undesirable or difficult situations, take a stand and commit to making a difference. Work like a husband to fix the relationship with your wife. Work like a dad to fix the relationship with your kids. Work like a son to fix the relationship with your Father, God.

Sure, you can remain disposable and find a new woman to sleep with. You can even find a new girlfriend and be pretend-daddy to raise her kids. You can even worship other gods (lowercase g) like money, golf, the gym or sex. But you will always be disposable, and someone that others easily dispose of.

Yes, You Can

God gives us the free will to choose. We can choose to reject Him. You can even choose to give your life to Him. In Him you can make a difference and make a stand. Most important, you can be non-disposable by refusing to:

  1. Walk out of a relationship.

  2. Walk out of church.

  3. Walk out on yourself.

What Do You Think

Why do we compare ourselves to other men?

Are we better off by walking away instead of making a stand?

What should we be doing differently?

Any other thoughts about this?

Your Mission Assignment

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