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March Madness: Day 7 | Keep Looking Up…

March Madness: Day 7

Keep looking up… I was so career and accomplishment driven when I met Leah, that combined we wanted to rule the world. They say be careful what you ask for. While we were both grabbing life trophies like a first year little leaguer, we’d indeed found ourselves very much in and of the world.

We’d also lost who we were, and what we knew of each other. That’s when we choose to look up, and set our sights on what was truly important in this life – God – each other – family – and everything else.

It was an incredibly painful transition because we were both so deeply rooted in our own worldly success. But, piece by piece, who we thought we were supposed to be fell away, and who we actually were always called to be began to shine through.

As I draw another day closer to my birthday, I no longer pad around in circles among the dust of shattered pieces for who I was. Instead, I’m thankful to be working on the man I was called to be. And all I had to do to get there was to look UP.

Do Good, Scott

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