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March Madness: Day 6 | See what you married into…

March Madness: Day 6 See what you married into… The other day everyone was kidding around in the kitchen. I could see that Leah was getting uncomfortable with the upping of intensity by the picking back and forth between the kids. Of course, that’s usually my cue to add just a bit more fuel to the fire.

She doesn’t like it. I think it builds character, or least characters. These five are good kids. I mean like really good kids. They make me nervous because when I look back at me at their ages, life was very different.

I keep wondering if it’s a dream. I mean at almost 54 years old (March 11th,) it amazes me to be so blessed with family who love each other and loves me.

Leah is the glue that holds it together. I’m just happy to be as fly in her web! So as the kitchen kidding around turned into a few hurt feelings, she and I both interceded with a gentle nudge to chill out. It was then that the 15-year-old must’ve thought the happy crew was breaking bad when she looked at me and said, “See what you married into.”

Yes, I know exactly what I married into, and I’m so humbled to be able to referee kitchen counter squabbles, play chauffeur to after school activities, get the last word in where we eat after church and play my part in making sure all five of these good kids become great adults.

Do Good, Scott

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