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March Madness: Day 4 | Some Days Are Diamonds

March Madness: Day 4

Some days are diamonds… Well, you know the old song, but the truth is this little puppy has taught me a lot about life in his few months with us. Loyalty, patience, unconditional love, and tenacity. I laughed when I saw this picture and realized that on any day at any given moment, we could be on either end of this scenario.

He takes because we offer, and not for the sake of selfishly taking. We give because we love to give, and not because we expect anything in return. Give and take is a reciprocating action when both parties approach with respect and a mutual understanding.

I know this example is going to be out in left field, but this is how I first approached my marriage. Initially, there wasn’t the mutual reciprocation. I was an empty vessel that was never going to be filled by Leah, no matter how much she poured into me. She knew that too, and this is where the beauty of a spouse comes to life.

I needed first what only God could provide, and that was His love, security and a spiritual sense of significance. I’d busted tail my entire life to get those three things from earthly, temporary sources, but nothing I ever set in my hands remained there. It was when Leah helped me to see that the only way to fill my vessel was with Living Water.

Selflessly, she patiently waited and helped mend my broken jar until God increased who He was in my life as I decreased who I thought I was supposed to be in ours. When all we had was a thread to cling to, we both clamped down and refused to let go. It was then that God began to pour into our marriage as two became one. I am so thankful for my wife.

Yep, I know how easy it is to find yourself on either side of this struggle, but what matters most is that even in the heat of the battle, there is always reciprocating love, respect and yes, even tenacity.

Do Good,

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