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Let Me Be Honest – I Struggled This Week. A Lot

I Wish It Hadn’t Stunk, But It Did. Kinda

I’ll start off with an apology for sounding doom and gloom, but it’s my oath to be truthful even if it isn’t always pretty. Last week was my son’s 14th birthday. Max has Down syndrome and has been in another state since late March. We haven’t been able to travel to bring him back home. We ordered gifts through Amazon and rallied friends from church over a live zoom birthday party. And within the moments of everyone joining the call, the distance seemed to vanish. It was the best singing of Happy Birthday ever. 

Even though he enjoyed the time with friends and family, I struggled the rest of the day. I know God is doing a mighty work, and that Max is protected and well cared for, but the dad in me was hurting, Complicating the reality of the week was when my wife had to teach our oldest daughter how to sew masks for all of us. Never in my life would I have imagined having to equip us and our kids with protective masks to fight an invisible foe. Of course, we made the best of what God is giving us and she surprised me with a special design.

Grabbing brief moments of distraction helps, but it’s not the answer. God is the answer and the only way we will have that peace that surpasses all understanding is to press into our relationships with Jesus Christ. God is on His throne and He loves us eternally. That’s His promise! This week’s Word helped me out of the funk I’d set myself in and I know it will minister to you as well. You can catch it HERE I want you to know that it is okay to not be okay. I started this wilderness season full of preparation and anticipation. Over the weeks I’ve had my days of struggle, but I stopped beating myself up about not always being up to leading from the front. It’s okay to care for yourself. Self-care allows you to get back in the fight with renewed strength to help, encourage, pray and love each other. 

Catch This Special Word Just for You – Click To Blessed

Don’t allow yourself to fall into isolation by checking out on staying plugged in. If you haven’t connected with us at Five Stones Church Online, do it now. We have awesome Community Groups so you can plug into areas that interest you with like minded believers. Don’t do life alone! We Love You and Are Praying for You, Scott & Leah Silverii

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