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Just Before the River Ran Dry: Waymaker

In The Nick of Time

Billy Graham said if you don’t fund your ministry, you won’t have a ministry to fund. That simple truth takes the fun (get it?) out of ministry, but kingdom work continues.

Uncommon Source

Thanks to this season of church closures and conference cancellations, the reality of love offerings for speaking at both has ended. Now, this isn’t a plea for money, but it is a praise for timing. Of all places that seem to stifle free speech and Christianity, facebook contacted us this week to offer a unique opportunity for funding our nonprofit ministry.

Supporters of the Gospel can pledge a monthly donation of $4.99 so that we continue our mission of the Great Commission and also providing counseling and support to law enforcement marriages. The Supporter option on facebook allows us to share very personal and intimate content to help our partners go deeper in their faith walk and discipleship training.

Free Gift

Supporting our ministry gives you immediate access to exclusive content, live videos and classes grounded in faith-based material and of course, God’s Holy Word. As a Thank You for supporting Five Stones Church Online, I’m giving a free copy of my latest book, UnBreakable: From Past Pain to Future Glory to the first 100 supporters.

Lesson Learned

Honestly, being a good receiver has always been a struggle for me. Whenever someone gave out of love, I always felt like I had to outgive them. That wasn’t the spirit of humility or thanksgiving God wanted nurtured in my life.

To be clear, I’m not asking for personal support but I do ask you to consider partnering with our nonprofit ministry at Five Stones Church. We realize that less than five bucks a month isn’t much, but the act of giving to help others is where your blessings are  found.

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. ~ John 16:24 

Thank you for becoming an important part of this community! We’d appreciate if you’d SHARE this post with others! Much Love & Respect, Scott

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