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I’m Shaping Up | Week 20

With Swamp People's "ZZ"

With Swamp People’s “ZZ”

I’m Shaping Up; Week 20

How to you benchmark 20 weeks of concerted efforts for reclaiming health? Just show up.

I’ve been chipping away with daily runs, yoga and cycling. Most after work rides allow about 25 – 30 mile rides through beautiful bayous and endless acres of sweeping sugarcane fields. My cycling club, Bayou Country Cyclists held the regular Saturday ride. The club president, Christy J. e-mailed me Friday and said just show up.

75 miles and 4 hours later, I had completed a distance I used to bike regularly enroute to completing century rides. After 2 years, 45 pounds gained, dangerously high BP, and begrudgingly sedentary lifestyle, I had reclaimed the healthy habits I practiced for an entire life.

It was a perfect day for celebrating 20 weeks as a long-time friend showed up for the ride, and for those of you who are fans of the History channels’ Swamp People, the alligator hunter “ZZ” was kind enough to offer us much needed water as we stopped at his swamp tour storefront.

75 Miler

75 Miler

Week 20

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.


– Don’t know. Still not worrying about these numbers.


– 5 days of exercise (included 3 days of 2-a-day with morning runs, and evening cycling.)

– Yoga continues to help with recovery and flexibility.

– Sooner or later, I’ll return to the pool, but I’m enjoying the saddle time right now.


– Good week of eating in moderation. King size bag of M&M’s Sunday, but after hammering the highways; I deserve it.

UNO Ring & BP

– BP has settled into a normal range and resting HR is low 50’s.

– The UNO ring slips on and off without hanging up on swollen knuckles or fat fingers.

2013-07-14 12.35.14

Enjoying another Team SKY Stage Victory

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– 5 days of cycling.

– 2 yoga sessions.

– 3 morning run sessions

– bring lunches to work or prepared meal at home.

– Increase hydration.

How are your efforts going? Don’t just read this and dismiss it. Make a commitment today. You have peer support, CopsAlive.com expertise, and a champion fitness advisor all ready to help.

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