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I’m Shaping Up | Week 19

2013-07-04 21.16.29

I’m Shaping Up; Week 19

This 4th of July holiday provided great opportunities for family, fun, food and showing my siblings who is boss. OK, actually I over ate at a family BBQ, chased kiddo down at a Veteran’s celebration in the park, and blamed the mysterious disappearance of about 6 homemade brownies on my youngest niece. Yes, I was out of character but we all need a break sometimes.

As for exercise, it was another great week to include running, walking and cycling. Despite a month-long pinched nerve I call “getting older,” I found relief in the regular yoga class.

This regular training is also helping tolerate the heat, as our traditional dark navy uniforms offer little respite from south Louisiana’s sun.

Most fun this week has been the long evening walks with my kiddo, and his inspiration to bike ride after an afternoon of watching the Tour de France. I encourage you to be the inspiration for others as you lead by example – both good and bad examples like I was this July 4th. I’ll tell my sister eventually who ate those 6 brownies, but for now, the kid had it coming!

Brownies stacked on a plate.

Week 19

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.


– Don’t know. Still not worrying about these numbers.


– 5 days of exercise this week by working in running instead of lunches at restaurants. I know the city’s sales tax base is suffering, but I have got to keep resisting every meal eating out.

– I have really appreciated the yoga. I even downloaded an app. Lets see how virtual instructor stacks up to my real one. Of course I have no plans of giving up the real class.

– Ever really want to do something but just keep putting it off? I call that swimming. Maybe its the idea of squeezing into the Speedo jammers (those are the long ones, not the mankini style.)


– Long week with kiddo means lots of pizza and chicken nuggets. Hey! It’s summer time.

UNO Ring & BP

– BP has settled into a normal range and resting HR is low 50’s.

– The UNO ring slips on and off without hanging up on swollen knuckles or fat fingers.

2013-07-06 17.08.14

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– 5 days of cycling.

– 2 yoga sessions.

– 3 morning run sessions

– bring lunches to work or prepared meal at home.

– Increase hydration.

How are your efforts going? Don’t just read this and dismiss it. Make a commitment today. You have peer support, CopsAlive.com expertise, and a champion fitness advisor all ready to help.

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