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I’m Shaping Up; Week 12

Front Yard Soccer is Great Fun.

Front Yard Soccer is Great Fun.

I’m Shaping Up; Week 12

What happened to Week 11 you may be asking? Well, more travel equals less time to write, but well needed rest from most activities.

I have also decided to stop obsessing over the scale for a few weeks. My low-end weigh-in of 208 was so welcomed, but it made the slight bounce during travel too stressful.

It’s funny that after monitoring your caloric intake and physical output, you can tell where your body falls along the numeric tell-all.

Zdice, Beroun District, Central Bohemian Regio...

My kind of scale

Week 12

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.


– Don’t know. Seriously, didn’t even step on the scale. My kiddo did and yelled something about 60 pounds. Way to go kiddo!


– Longer distance cycling has returned to my battle strategy. No, not the 100 mile Saturdays I used to enjoy by myself, but I’m building back to it.

A nagging sitting at my desk all day neck injury prevented weight lifting, but the running and stadiums has been fun. Kidding about the desk, it’s just age.


– My quest for ketosis was tempered by the city of Boston’s habit of serving a variety of delicious meals.

UNO Ring & BP

– BP stayed in the 130s range. Consistency.

– The UNO ring slips on and off without hanging up on swollen knuckles or fat fingers.

I've Missed You

I’ve Missed You

Monday – Sunday Goals:

The Monday night CJ class I was teaching is out for summer, so I will add another evening to my routine.

– Three high-intensity cycling days with moderate to high sustained heart rate.

– Re-join master’s swim group and aim for two sessions this week for re-acclimation.

– Skip lunch on the town and attend yoga class at the university’s health center.

– Keep body weight at feel fluid and light level.

How are your efforts going? Don’t just read this and dismiss it. Make a commitment today. You have peer support, CopsAlive.com expertise, and a champion fitness advisor all ready to help.

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