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I’m Fat – Week 1

Max and Dad Bowling

Kiddo & Dad’s Big Bowling Day

Sunday’s initial post took a bit of courage to hit “publish.” It’s out there with zero regrets. Seems there are many others willing to team up for health’s sake. I’m thankful for you sharing your challenges and goals.

Don’t leave us out here alone. Welcome weekly support from diet, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction team members.

Contact me at brightblueline@gmail.com to help

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.

Week 1 recap;


– 222 lbs


– 1- 30 minute bike on trainer session

– 1- 3 mile walk around the university

– 1- bowling with kiddo and friends. (Bowling? Yeah!)


– Way too many secretary’s dish snacks, late night ice creams and kiddo’s left over crackers and M&M’s.

– Pigged out at friend’s awesome crab and crawfish boil, along with birthday cake(s).

– Ate out at lunch with officers every day. Also very expensive.

– Overall, a horrible week of eating sensible.

UNO Ring

– Not worn today. Could not shove it on, so I know it won’t be coming off later

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– Weight at 219.5 lbs (can do; cut out crawfish boils)

– Eat sensible lunch at home 2 days

– Exercise 4 times

– Wear UNO ring with sawing into knuckles

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