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Honoring Police Radio Dispatchers; Thank You to Katie Marnoch

UK Katie - torch

Katie Marnoch with the Olympic torch

I’ve been a dispatcher with the Metropolitan Police Service in London for eight years, and I can honestly say that no two days have ever been the same.

Making a Difference

I love my job for a number of reasons: the people I work with, the opportunities it has given me and for knowing that every day I have made a difference to someone’s life.

In the past 18 months, I have dealt with the London Riots, held the Olympic torch, worked the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, gained a new qualification and been issued a commendation for my work.

Even after the most stressful days, I still look forward to coming in for my next shift and seeing what the people of London have for us!

Katie Marnoch @klm2407

Wedding Bells

I’ve been working for the Met for eight years, and started my career working at a small borough called Kingston-Upon-Thames. I now work mostly on a bigger and busier borough in SE London called Croydon. I live in Surrey with my Police Officer partner (yes, we met through work!) and we’re due to get married in June 2013.

Annual Metropolitan Police Service of Remembrance

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