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Freedom From Pain? Broken And Blue Is Required Reading For LEO & Family

Broken and Blue: A Policeman’s Guide to

Health, Healing and Hope

This is possibly the most important project I’ve ever worked on. Policing took so much out of me, and in effect, I took so much out on the people who loved me.

Spend more than 1 hour on the Job, and you know the pain I’m talking about. You can know freedom. I will walk you through to the other side where there is hope and healing. This is about giving you the key to break free from your pain.

“…I placed myself into a coffin called guilt, held a funeral called pain, and buried myself in a grave called shame. It wasn’t until God’s mercy and grace raised me up, brushed me off, and gave me the key to freedom from my past that I was able to live again. I have that key, and I want to give it to you.” Chief Scott Silverii

This for you, your spouse, and anyone who cares anything about you. If you don’t think you need this, take a look around you at the broken families, kids out of marriage, divorces, suicides, addictions and despair of PTSD.

Getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re smart. It also means freedom for you and your loved ones who suffer as much as you do because they see your pain. The only difference is, you still deny it.

I wrote this book because I’m still here. I want you to be here too.

Don’t Be Sheep,

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