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Forget Sticks And Stones; Your Words Will Break You

When I was a kid with six siblings, I loved to fight, mock and tease all of them no matter how much older some were. My goal was to torment them until they attacked. I didn’t care about the outcome, but I did care about the battle.

My mother warned me against making ugly faces at them and said one day that ugly face would stick. Although she didn’t realize it, she was right on the mark about violating God’s law of judgments.

The ugly nature we show others is what we will be shown.

It’s easy to pass judgment on others; whether we know them or not. But, we must understand that we are not God, and therefore have zero authority to judge anyone.

Do not judge, so that you won’t be judged. For you will be judged by the same standard with which you judge others, and you will be measured by the same measure you use. ~ Matthew 7:1-2

The spiritual laws against judgment are set into motion against us unless we confess, repent and use our words to bless instead of condemn.

Give each other an AMEN to show Love & Respect!!!

Much Love/Respect, Scott

For Men Only

I’m opening up a few positions for brothers who are looking for an accountability mentor. I work with brothers privately through text messaging, and emails. Obviously everything is Christ-centered, confidential and there is no fee involved.

If you are interested and possess a teachable spirit, please send me a DM through Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry.

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