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Fit by 50 / wk 3

Dad & Kiddo

A funny thing happened after my Week 2 post last week – people started sharing their goals and challenges. I’m stoked because I believe it’s better to achieve success as a community than alone. Let’s smash our health / fitness goals together.

Another funny thing happened while at Momentum Gym. The instructor, Lauren Z challenged us to eat clean for 21 days. Things such as gluten are off-limits. Of course I sneered because I have no idea what gluten is. Then she said “No sugar.” Seriously? That ain’t funny lady.

I’m going to shout out to a top encouragement team member – Andrea – who like me, battles the exhaling habit prior to stepping on the scale. Thanks for the laughs – I fired my scale this week.

I will have an exciting announcement soon and a sponsor partnership to raise funds in the war against cancer. In honor of my mom, I ensure that each October is lived bringing awareness to the warriors who refuse to surrender their battles against cancer.

Last year my agency teamed with Cancer Center at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center to design a Breast Cancer Awareness police unit.

This October, Thibodaux Police Detective David Melancon and I signed up for the Warrior Dash. The October 11, 2014 race in Louisiana will also serve as a fund-raiser for cancer research. I’ll post the details and sponsor this month.

It has been reported that David and I are donning kilts and Go-Pro cameras to document the effort. Anything for the cause. This brings me back to this mid-range fitness goal. I do NOT want to be traction for the other runners, so I’ve committed my training to prepare for October 11, 2014.


1. Maintain sensible diet {Check}

2. Exercise at least 4 times next week {Check ++}

3. Buy new scale but not obsess over readings. {Not yet}

4. Encourage you to join me and share experience and commitments. {Check}

5. Be positive about the quest for fitness. Why do we mumble when we discuss health and fitness? {Check to positive}

6. Don’t skin shins during box jumps (Okay, so I threw in a WOD term) {Check, though I did see a guy scrape his – YIKES}

What are your goals and victories?



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