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Fit by 50 / wk 1

Scott Bike1

Last year I began a weekly series chronicling my efforts to reclaim a healthy lifestyle while even in a stress filled occupation. I’d set defined goals and developed a plan to accomplish them.

With the help of great friends and folks who signed on to share their knowledge, experiences and challenges it was a success.

I might have a slid a bit on the weight goal – let’s call it ice cream, but now I’m knocking on 50’s door.

I’ve got clear goals to accomplish by the time I kick right through that half-century mark. I’m not sweating it. I’m embracing this good-bye to 40’s tour.

I also want to be realistic about the challenges and blessings of moving forward in a healthy lifestyle.

One goal is to make each week my #FitBy50 Friday. I won’t bore you with how many reps or miles or the cool WOD at crossfit. This will be a smart approach that you can share, comment, contribute or join with your own health goals.

Whether you’re turning 50 or 15, we all perform better with a clear goal, proper instruction, and peer support/participation. Let’s just begin with this intro and a commitment to set a few attainable goals over the coming months.

Next #FitBy50 Friday, we will begin to put those goals onto paper and into action.


Lock and Load – who’s with me?


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