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There is a song that says “Can’t Give Up Now” often times we give up right before our breakthrough. Truly the Lord knows us in and out.  But have you felt an extra boost of strength to keep moving just when you were about to give up?

Why do we give up so soon? Is it because we have had enough? Or does it display a much deeper problem we have within ourselves.?

It is so easy to give up then to continue but folks we are to remember that the race is not given to the quick but to those who endure to the end.

We could be in the middle of assisting someone with something and the moment we see that it is going to require more of our time what do we do? We give up all because we have chosen not to endure.

As Christians we have got to learn to “Endure” we are not always going to have smooth sailing.  There will be rocks to climb oceans to swim lions to fight. But always remember you never ever have to face it alone.

Jesus is with us so keep the faith keep your head high and don’t give up. Amen!


Minister Desiray Lewis

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